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About Me


Hi, I’m Annabelle; owner of Four Paws Adventure Academy.


Even at a young age it was clear to all those around me that I had a profound passion for dogs.
It wasn’t until I started working in rescue that I discovered the importance of enrichment and stimulation teamed with positive training and the amazing effect it has on dog’s lives. I used my extensive experience in rescue along with my own research to create my goal; to provide all dogs with an enclosed, enriching and stimulating area to play and learn so they can be the happiest they possibly can.

Another huge inspiration to me was our family dog, Sammy. We rehomed him when I was 12 years old and he had the biggest, most wonderful personality. He had a variety of needs which we tried our best to overcome in the 15 years he was with us and being dog reactive it was a struggle to find places to take him where we could relax knowing there wouldn’t be any other dogs around. In his later years, once I had created the dog park, he loved running around off lead, sniffing and exploring to his hearts content and as owners we found so much happiness in watching him enjoy the freedom and seeing him truly relax in his surroundings.

I've come across countless dogs with individual requirements and learned that a dog’s physical, emotional and behavioural needs go far beyond the stereotypes they are often placed in. I realised that whilst there was awareness of physical and mental health in dogs, services didn’t exist on a local level to allow every dog to experience exciting new things and to encourage owners to seek an alternative for a walk or repetitive ball throwing.


This is how Four Paws Adventure Academy was created!

I hope you and your dog enjoy all the enrichment and entertainment the playground has to offer and if you'd like to learn more about enrichment, scroll down! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch or check out our FAQs



Forever the Four Paws Adventure Academy mascot

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What is Enrichment?


We all know it is important to keep your dog fit and healthy with physical exercise but keeping your dog mentally stimulated is also a vital part of their wellbeing.


Is your dog destructive, boisterous or disobedient? Or perhaps they seem down and unmotivated? If so, they could be suffering from boredom and a lack of mental stimulation. Enrichment alleviates boredom and challenges your dog to use their minds and develop skills such as problem-solving and communication, whilst engaging their senses and practicing natural instincts. Studies have shown that mental stimulation and enrichment lowers stress levels and increases confidence, leading to a happier, healthier dog.


The great news is that there are so many ways your dog can be mentally stimulated and challenged at Four Paws Adventure Academy! Check out our gallery to see just some of the equipment and activities we have at our enclosed field and get inspired to try something new with your dog!

About: Inner_about
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